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Dental Photography Resources

Will Kelly Dental PhotographyThroughout my childhood I wanted to be an artist. When I graduated from high school I decided that the best way to not be a “starving artist” was to get a degree in Design. Obviously, I didn’t follow that career path exactly. Now I consider being a dentist fulfilling my desire to be a “designer”. Many of the fundamentals I learned there about composition, proportion, and color theory are a nice supplement to executing the esthetic aspect of the dentistry we provide. One part of my design training was commercial photography. For the past twenty years I have enjoyed taking photos of people and places-- for the past decade photography has developed as a critical tool in our delivery of quality dentistry.
Digital Photography is a tool that our practice uses everyday to document our patients oral condition. Our team finds it useful for educating patients and communicating with our laboratory and specialists. We have found that the most effective way to take photographs is with a standard series of photos taken from outside the mouth with a digital SLR camera aided with mirrors and retractors that hold the cheeks out of some shots. Lately, I have enjoyed teaching dental photography to colleagues.
I wanted to use our blog to list a few resources for beginning the journey into dental photography for your practice.

Lester Dine
Lester Dine has providing Photography Equipment for years and has several packages that are put together to get started. They are resourceful at providing settings for there products that take some of the guess work out.
PhotoMed is the other major exclusive online store for dental photography. Between Lester Dine and PhotoMed most of your needs should be covered. I suggest shopping between the two to choose a system that suits your taste and budget.
Adorama is a very complete online photography discount store for general photography needs. If they don’t  have what you are looking for you probably don’t need it. If you are comfortable putting together your own SLR/ Flash/ Macro lens combination you might save significantly over the dental specific sites.


Smile Line is a boutique web store for high end  dental lab equipment. It sells very nice flexible and soft contrasters.

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