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Crowns (aka "caps")

are restorations that cover the entire tooth. Crowns are used to correct badly broken or worn teeth, large cavities, or teeth that have undergone root canal therapy. In some cases, large amounts of front teeth are compromised and crowns are used instead of veneers for a cosmetic solution. Crowns are often used to strengthen weaken and cracked teeth. Severally worn teeth can have function restored by using the crown to create an appropriately shaped biting surface. When adjacent crowns are connected (splinted) together, they can stabilize loose teeth. Crowns can be made from various porcelains, porcelain fused to gold cores, or new high strength porcelain. Dr. Kelly typically uses all ceramic crowns, without metal cores for a more natural appearance and to avoid gray lines at the gums. Crowns are fabricated by a laboratory to provide strength, precision, enhanced esthetics and a stable bite. CEREC crowns are also available for certain situations to allow crowns to be made in office in a single visit. A quality crown designed with care, where indicated, will last a very long time.

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