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Assessment of tooth position

The teeth are part of a larger system of chewing that includes the jaws, TMJ, and a complex system of muscles that extend over the face and head and into the neck. The harmonious function of this system is assessed. Bite disease, myofacial disorders, and joint disorders, if present, are investigated. The relationship or the jaws position and motion and its effects on the teeth, including cracks, heavy wear, and discomfort in biting are recorded. Malocclusion (crooked teeth) is also evaluated.

In addition to these diagnostics and the use of radiographs, study models, photographs and other diagnostic tools may be used to both record the state of the teeth and to educate patients about conditions to better make treatment decisions. The comprehensive examination is not only diagnostic, the appointment generally concludes with treatment planning and counseling on the next step to treatment and better oral health.

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