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Professional tooth whitening (or bleaching) is a very conservative and safe way to lighten stains in discolored teeth. The shade of our teeth can be influenced by many factors. Teeth can be naturally darkened with aging or can absorb internal stains from the food and beverages we consume. Whitening is an affordable, safe and simple procedure using a gel that oxidizes contaminates in teeth. When circumstances prove whitening to be ineffective the procedure can simply serve as an afford effort to whiten and diagnose whether further cosmetic services are indicated for the desired result. It is always best to whiten before treatment is completed on front teeth so that the lighter shade achieved can be matched.

ZOOM! In office whitening is completed in the office using a concentrated gel that is activated under a special light. We also use UltraDent Boost which has the power and results of Zoom! without a light which often reduces sensitivity. Professionally supervised whitening treatments can also be accomplished at home in custom made trays. Over-the-counter and mall whitening booths simply cannot provide the results that achieve with our higher concentration whitening materials and advanced techniques. It typically takes three or four attempts at non-professional whitening making it more costly than Dr. Kelly’s procedure that works very well. Whitening has proven safety record and has evolved into a very common procedure. Formulations are less likely to cause sensitivity and the cost has actually dropped to nearly half of the price a decade ago.

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