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There is a variety of both motivation and expectation you may have when you seek a dental office for treatment.  As there are a diverse range of patient needs, likewise there are many types of dental practices to choose from. Dr. Kelly has developed a standard of care that incorporates your needs, desires, and priorities with treatment that is predictable and ideally uncompromised for patients seeking to find a dental home.

Before Dr. Kelly encounters a patient’s teeth, he meets them as a person.  He builds on past experiences and is nonjudgmental. He is talented in clarifying needs, helps patients to circumvent limitations to treatment and finds solutions by helping you chose dentistry with intention rather than appealing to your emotions, talking down to you, or being “sales driven”.

Dr. Kelly’s Standard of Care avoids limitations becoming barriers to comprehensive treatment. His primary concern is to create and maintain health for his patients. When the development of an individual’s treatment plan is approached, the end result is always envisioned first. Only then the steps to the treatment pathway can be plotted to achieve results. Dr. Kelly often relies on the budget of time and treatment phases that increase levels of health. This Standard of Care is Comprehensive Dentistry, dentistry that addresses all aspects of your mouth and chewing system in treatment decisions with a clear plan that patients and Dr. Kelly agree upon to reach excellent dental health goals and dazzling smiles.

Dr. Kelly’s goal for comprehensive dentistry is to be very intentional for results that have the most ideal form, function, and esthetics. Dr. Kelly considers form, function, and esthetics the three pillars of a completed, uncompromised case. He knows foremost that health is beautiful. Dr. Kelly invites you to partner with him to bring you to dental health.

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