Meet Our Interdisciplinary Team

Dr. Kelly works with a dedicated team of highly regarded Dental Specialists. Resistant to the trend of  general dental practices providing complex speciality services in-house, Dr. Kelly has always maintained a network of respected providers in their respective specialties to ensure that his patients receive the best care possible. This is possible through shared philosophy and great communication systems. With in the team, Dr. Kelly maintains a narrow focus on quality in his discipline of esthetic restorative dentistry. This level of interdisciplinary collaboration is becoming rare throughout dentistry and patients are blessed when it is available.

Dr. Kelly has intimate working relationships with these practices. They are committed to learning together. Their experience together has developed a common treatment philosophy with the benefit  of sharing input on treatment planning. More than anything, Dr. Kelly’s frequent and clear communication with his team of interdisciplinary specialists makes complex treatment approachable and well organized for his patient family.

When dentistry is approached in a comprehensive interdisciplinary manner, one provider in the team has to take the lead in designing the treatment and seeing a case through long-term. While this is always a collaboration between the team, very few general dentists have the talent and ability to take the lead like Dr. Kelly. This can be likened to the work of an architect and general contractor that use the expertise of many subcontracting trades while overseeing a more ideal outcome. Dr. Kelly’s treatment planning skills and ability to coordinate with his interdisciplinary team lead to more ideal dental health outcomes.

Meet The Team

Dr. Will Kelly

Comprehensive Treatment Planning,
Esthetic Dental Restoration, Implant Restoration, and Dental Focused Wellness Medicine


Dr. Ron Nason, Periodontist

Implant Placement, Gum and Periodontal Surgery


Dr. Justin Hannon

Orthodontics, Growth and Development

Stacey Montgomery, RDH

Oral Hygiene and Inflammation Management