Our Office

Comfort meets Technology

William Kelly Dentistry is located within the larger Kelly Dentistry Building on South New Hope Road in Gastonia, NC. Dr. Will Kelly operates a one doctor, privately owned practice with a low volume of patients. The office is based on a vision of a calm, quaint, and relaxing environment for focused and individualized dental care for patients that value and seek ideal health. The practice environment is designed to be relaxing and private. The concierge service model allows patients feel at home and enjoy visits for dental care.The dreaded wait is unusual when patients come to an appointment; however guests find our reception lounge very hospitable. The clinical area is quiet and respectful of patient privacy inviting you to have a relaxed experience.

State-of-art Technology
Despite our quaint feel, our facility is a quintessential modern dental office, designed to utilize today’s most current technological advancements.
Digital Technology/ Modern Dentistry
• Overhead Monitors for education and entertainment.
• 3D- radiograhic imaging using cone beam technology.
• Digital radiographs and photography precise diagnosis.
• Diode Laser Treatment for oral soft tissue.
• DiagnoDent Laser for cavity detection.
• Digital impressions for comfort and accuracy.
• Cavitron ultrasonic hygiene equipment.
• ZOOM! Professional Dental Whitening.
• NiTi rotary endodontics for comfortable and precise root canal treament.
• Digital Record Integration and Communication with specialists and patients.
• Micro Tooth Abrasion for focused, gentle and effective stain removal.

3D Imaging
For nearly a century, dentistry has relied on simple 2D x-rays to diagnose dental disease. While helpful, dentists are still restricted in their ability to see the whole picture with a two dimensional image. Dr. Kelly uses a state of the art, modern three dimensional Cone Beam CT that creates computer generated images of the teeth and jaws. This technology is light years ahead of the 2D X-rays of the past. Dr. Kelly uses 3D to for early diagnosis of dental disease, implant planning, imaging the TMJs, and measurement of airway constrictions. IT IS AMAZING HOW MUCH MORE YOU CAN SEE!

CEREC by Sirona

CEREC is an CAD system that allows 3-D digital imaging of teeth. Using this modern replacement for gooey impression material. Dr. Kelly can Design Smiles Digitally, manufacture dental restorations in one visit, and treatment plan complex cases including implant placement and orthodontic movement.
Beginning in 2004, Dr. Kelly was one of the first North Carolina Dentists to use CEREC technology to design and manufacture porcelain dental restorations in his office. Through the years patients have come to appreciate the quality and ease of this process that is completed in one appointment making the process of getting a crown more convenient and done without the dreaded "temporary". Even more importantly than the convenience, Dr. Kelly makes many ceramic restorations himself and the digital technology allows a more precise fit and custom design.
With this digital technology, advanced ceramic materials and bonding techniques, porcelain restorations have opened a whole new realm of possibility for treating teeth that need crowns and more conservative porcelain inlays, onlays, and veneers. More than ever, this technology allows less tooth structure to be compromised when preparing restorations, typically only replacing the diseased and damaged parts of teeth. Dr. Kelly can attest that many years of experience, sound clinical judgement, and a dedication to designing dentistry himself just after operating on the tooth play a large role in his success with this technology.

William Kelly Dentistry is convenient and accessible from Gastonia and the surrounding area with easy access to I-85/US-74 and local shopping. The new freestanding building was designed to house two distinct dental practices. While the building appears large- housing two practices, within it you will find Dr. Kelly’s space a distinct and private environment that is perfect for receiving optimal care.