"I never saw a tooth walk into my office."

- L.D. Pankey

“Our practice provides a unique experience so that in the end motivated patients that value great dentistry can achieve the results they are seeking to invest in.”


Our Standard of Care

Our Mission is a Focus on Esthetic Dental Restoration for Patients that Value Quality and Ideal Health through Individualized Service.

What has motivated you to seek a new dentist?
Are you in pain and seeking a quick fix to feel better? Are just putting your foot in the water? Did a new “insurance” policy motivate you to make an appointment? Do you view dentistry as an expense you can’t justify? Have you put off dentistry for years and are seeking to make a significant investment in yourself? Have you lost trust in dentistry because it fails to delivery quality? Do you need dentistry to be a quick, drive thru experience or are you in a position invest the time? Are you really just there for the cleanings? Do you need a master dentist to restore your smile to health? Are you seeking the attention that requires concierge service and attention to detail?

There is nothing shameful about any of these things, but only some of these attitudes toward dental care will lead to an optimal outcome. When you have made the decision to invest in your health how will you know that you have chosen the best dental home?

There is a variety of motivation and expectation patients have when they seek a dentist for treatment. Just as there are a diverse range of needs patients value addressing, there are many types of dental practices to choose from. The most common types of dental offices you will encounter today are the Traditional General Dentist and Corporate Model. Both Traditional General Dentistry and the “Strip Mall Style” model can provide a widely ranging standard of care. This range can vary from commodity based dentistry, where treatment is very one-size-fits-all, to practices in which treatment solutions are not ideal, yet perceived as “cheap”- to treatment planning that is entirely dictated by insurance companies rather than a doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Kelly spent a good deal of his early career encountering patients seeking dental care when decision making was based on crisis and emergency with little value for optimal health or more appealing outcomes and experience. This was a challenging circumstance for patients and Dr. Kelly professionally alike. Within this doctor-patient relationship, results often fell short expectations. This observation of the average dental experience motivated Dr. Kelly to create a practice environment that satisfied the expectation of patients becoming truly healthier while having a pleasant experience. In a time when trends in dentistry are shifting to large, unpersonalized corporate practices that survive on high volume and crisis-based single tooth dentistry, Dr. Kelly has chosen focus on very intentional individualized care for discriminating patients that appreciate long term health.

Dr. Kelly has developed a standard of care that incorporates patients needs, desires, and priorities with treatment that is predictable and without compromise when idealized results are sought.

Before Dr. Kelly encounters a patient’s teeth, he meets them as a person. He is nonjudgmental and kind, but very objective in presenting the condition of health. He is talented in clarifying needs, helping patients to circumvent limitations to treatment and findingsolutions by helping you chose dentistry that is most appropriate and beneficial.
His primary concern is to create and maintain health for his patients. The end result is envisioned first when the development of an individual’s treatment plan is approached. Only then the steps to the treatment pathway can be plotted to achieve results. This Standard of Care is Comprehensive Dentistry, dentistry that addresses all aspects of your Dental Wellness and Smile in treatment decisions with a clear plan.

Dr. Kelly’s goal for comprehensive dentistry is to be very intentional for results that have the most ideal form, function, and esthetics. Dr. Kelly invites you to partner with him to bring you to dental health.