Concierge Service for Financial Arrangements

Our Practice strives to provide clear financial arrangements and accurate predictions of treatment costs for the services we agree to provide for our patients.

Each of our treatment plans are unique to the demands and expense of the dental treatments we provide and cases we design. This considers the investment of time, materials, and physical resources as well as the care, skill, and good judgment of our team. Every dental case is unique to the individual patient. We use fees for our services that reflect the investment made so that patients are able compensate our effort and work with a high degree of gratitude and appreciation.

We make arrangements so that services can be paid for fully the day they are rendered and treatment is completed. Patients appreciate that expectations are clear and do not present future obligations.

Our Patient Coordinator offers concierge service that can assist patients seeking financing from third party vendors. We are a preferred Care Credit Provider.

We accept cash, approved check, and all major credit cards. We greatly appreciate the hugs, smiles, and warm thanks that come along with these.

Using Dental Benefits

We proudly offer concierge service for patients that would like for us to file benefit policies. We file to insurance and third party benefit companies as a courtesy for our patients with the hope that these plans are fully utilized and that benefits can be maximized. We do not encourage patients to base treatment considerations to the limits of their benefits when more ideal care is desirable. To preserve the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship, our practice is intentionally not “in-network” with any medical benefit company, PPO, or insurance company. We file and are able to get benefits from nearly all insurance companies. We file to PPO-style plans as an out-of-network provider.

Our dedicated family of patients finds this ability to get a higher level of service and quality for a fair price above minimum reimbursement levels a desirable value. The insurance companies call their fee schedules “usual and customary”, we consider our services and standard of care higher than theirs and work far above “average” for our patients behalf.

When our practice previously was bound by in-network contracts, we experienced a diminished ability to provide a highest care standards for our patients due to third party reimbursement dictating the decisions that should be held sacred between the doctor and patient. Our satisfied patients can attest that using insurance as the only factor in decision making doesn’t get much done, but is a nice benefit when it helps. That said, an effort is made to get all of the benefits patients are owed from the third party companies they are contracted with through accurate filing. Ultimately, we hold our relationships sacred between the doctor and the patient and exclusive from the relationship between the insurance company and the insured. We will not compromise quality to satisfy an insurance company.