"I never saw a tooth walk into my office."

- Dr. L.D. Pankey

Comprehensive Approach

Complete Health for a Lifetime

Comprehensive general dentistry is a philosophical approach to dental health that incorporates all aspects of your dental condition and considers overall health to create a plan to approach dental care. When Dr. Kelly establishes a relationship with you, he is thorough in discovering your condition and communicating with his patients. Comprehensive treatment plans see beyond treatment immediate needs. While Dr. Kelly typically must address a concern or urgency in the present, he creates treatment pathways for the future with a goal of lifelong health for you. The comprehensive diagnostic and treatment planning process is diverse depending on patient’s needs, desires, and priorities. It can range from a proactive prevention schedule to a complex plan that moves through phases of controlling active disease, restoring damage, and lifelong maintenance. In all cases, Dr. Kelly’s philosophy strives to be conservative and consider prevention and maintenance of health.

Imagine your Dental Experience

It is possible to provide dentistry that is ideal, with few emergencies, and without compromise. Dr. Kelly has made a commitment to his patients to provide appropriate, complete health solutions that are individualized to his patient's priorities. He considers himself a health coach and gives encouragement to invest in dentistry that is a good experience with a desirable outcome. Patients that discover the possibilities of comprehensive dentistry usually enjoy coming to the dentist making Dr. Kelly's practice a pleasant place to receive care.

More than "Just Teeth"

The comprehensive dentistry approach taken by Dr. Kelly is holistic in nature. Contemporary research has found proven links between dental disease and many systemic diseases including diabetes, obesity, airway disorders, and cardiovascular disease. Managing chronic oral inflammation is proving to be essential to total health and a longer life. Dr. Kelly strives to diagnosis, educate, and treat patients by reducing oral inflammation in valuable way that is "more than a cleaning". Through thorough examinations of relevant tissues in the head and neck and emphasizing the biting system as a whole, conditions of the muscles and joints are addressed. Patients with facial muscular pain, headaches, and painful or dysfunctional TMJ can be treated, most often with conservative and noninvasive dental solutions. A sound bite is reestablished in restorative cases to provide dentistry in that feels great, functions well and is durable. Dr. Kelly provides dentistry that can address airway disorders helping patient’s overall health and also addressing the effects that a poor nights sleep and lack of adequate respiration have on the dental system.

General Dentistry Services

For your convenience, Dr. Kelly provides a wide scope of general dentistry services. He is trained as a general dentist to perform the full spectrum of dental procedures. The practice is passionate about health, and while they focus heavily on restorative dentistry, often a wide service mix is required to get necessary results. Dr. Kelly does maintain very healthy professional relationships with the best area specialists to ensure ideal care is available in instances when services require specialized attention. He enjoys treating the children of his adult patients, and finds that most children he encounters do not need much dentistry besides routine cleanings and growth and development considerations when the preventative measures he advocates are followed.

The practice’s General Dentistry options include:

• Bonded Tooth Colored Fillings
• Professional Dental Cleanings
• Ceramic Crowns, Onlays and Inlays
• Fixed Ceramic Bridges
• Non Emergency, Simple Extractions
• Deep Cleanings and Periodontal Therapy
• Implant Restorations
• Whitening
• Simple Root Canal Therapy