The dual esthetic and functional nature of individual teeth and their proportions together as a smile are one of the great proclamations of design in nature. A smile has the inherent ability to proclaim happiness and invoke it alike. Sometimes God leaves an asterisk in the universe saying, “Pay Attention, this is important."


If you expect a beautiful result, Let an Artist help you.

Dr. Kelly’s artistic and technical skills are an essential component in creating esthetic, healthy smiles. When look, feel, and function are all considered every aspect of the restorative process needs to be perfect: a committed dental team with extensive training and regular experience in complex cases and acollaboration with a meticulous, premium laboratory technician and ceramic artist. Most importantly the dentist needs great hands, a trained artistic eye, the patient and discernment for precision and perfection, and firm grasp of the science and technology to deliver exceptional results. Dr. Kelly is dedicated to excellence, routinely creatinglifelike, dazzling smiles for discriminating patients. Dr. Kelly has a long partnership with a Master Laboratory Technician, together delivering beautiful, lifelike smiles. The only limitation to a perfect result is a patient’s willingness to take themself there. If you are interested in creating an irresistible smile, Dr. Kelly and his restorative team help you make it happen!

Health is Beautiful!

Cosmetic Dentistry Then and Now

The 1990s were coined “The Golden Age of Dentistry”. Materials and techniques advanced significantly and patient’s interest and attitudes toward dentistry changed as procedures became more attractive than the preceding generation of dentistry. The days of ugly metal restorations made way for bonded, tooth colored materials. As this material technology and knowledge integrated into many dental practices, some patients demanded esthetic solutions to address undesirable treatment results like metal fillings, gold dentistry, crowns with dark edges, and unattractive solutions for missing teeth. Many general dentists marketed themselves “Cosmetic Dentists” because of the ability to have visually pleasing results in routine treatment. Other dentists took the cosmetic movement to an extreme and treated the demand for beautiful smiles to another level differentiating into heavily self-promoted cosmetic practices that were exclusively geared toward the “extreme makeover” craze.

Modern Esthetic Restorative Care

Fast forward to today. Just making white, straight, and metal-free dentistry is not enough to meet patient expectations or for dentists to utilize the full potential of what is available. Today identifying as"Cosmetic" is falling out of favor amongst the best restorative dentists, with the term having the connotation problems are only coveredover rather than solved as health care (hence the term Esthetic Restoration now being favored). All dentists now use white materials with some not appreciating the technical difficultly of using them properly for lasting and esthetic results. “Cosmetic” is now only preserved in the profession as a marketing term. Unfortunately, many of the early high profile cosmetic boutiques lost their focus on dentistry as health care. Dr. Will Kelly provides dentistry with results that exceed patient's expectations for a "prettier" smile by focusing on esthetic criteria but also restoration of health. With more reliable, stronger bonded porcelain and composite materials, implants to replace missing teeth, and digital technologyesthetic dentistry is better than ever. Guided by ideal design principles and using best practices to meticulously treat the teeth, Dr. Kelly is able to provide results that mimic perfect natural teeth.

Very simply put, A Smile that is made Healthy will become Beautiful as form follows function.

Some procedures he utilizes to enhance smiles are:

• Ceramic Veneers
• Metal Free Crowns
• Implants
• Cosmetic Dentures
• Bridges
• Teeth Whitening
• Gum Lift
• Tooth Contouring
To see real patient example of these procedures please visit our Smile Gallery.