”God's ability to create perfect design into all things shows in teeth and is fascinating. A smile is both intricately complex yet simple. The dual nature of form following function guides our practice philosophy. When teeth are healthy, stable, and functioning well they are beautiful."


Form Follows Function
Dr. Kelly uses sound Biomechanical Design Principles and Modern Dental Materials to restore the mouth to ideal function and natural form. You may remember a time when your teeth were more attractive, healthier, and worked better. Restorative dentistry can take you back to that time and keep you there. Dr. Kelly considers all elements of your teeth, mouth, and bite in relation to the joints and muscles that support them. Restorative needs can range from those with extremely worn teeth from age or grinding habits to returning a heavily “fixed” mouth to a more natural state.

Sometimes all it takes is stepping back and looking at the whole picture.
The common approach to dental practice focuses on a “one tooth at a time” mentality. Patients are accustomed to single tooth dentistry because insurance systems encourage it and patients are typically not given alternatives by dentists. Unfortunately, the sum of years of single tooth repairs done without a master plan, even done with best intentions, can lead to problems including tooth failure, uneven bites, food traps, poor aesthetics, and over all diminished oral health than could be accomplished with a comprehensive restorative approach.

In nearly all restorative dentistry cases, there is a component that defines a stable bite position. The bite in these cases considers the relationship of the jaws and joints, a comfortable stable tooth position when closed, and proper function as the teeth move pass one another. Very often treatment performed on the front teeth restores function that affects the back teeth and vice versa. Likewise, systemic health factors that can be the very cause of tooth damage are considered. This can range from trauma, poor orthopedics, structural issues of the tongue and musculature, and airway issues. The beauty of the restorative process is that teeth become attractive as they are restored because they regain a natural, healthy appearance. All the while, as a healthier smile is achieved overall health issues are addressed.

Dr. Kelly is also talented in reconstructing bites with missing and much damaged teeth. He has a wide range options for missing teeth including implants, aesthetic bridges, and cosmetic full dentures. He treats cases with missing teeth with the same care and philosophy as he does all other restorative cases.