Healthy smiles are beautiful. Attractive smiles, when optimally designed, function well, are structurally lasting, and support health well beyond the mouth. A smile is the universal expression of happiness. Health and happiness are both beautiful.

Wellness Dentistry

Over twenty years ago, Dr. Will Kelly pursued the dental profession motivated to impact others by helping them become more healthy and happy. Through dental school and in the beginning of his career, he observed that the majority of dental patients sought crisis based care. He witnessed a low value for healthy teeth in much of the population with a poor understanding of health implications. Dental practices were providing either minimal treatment or taking measures restore for as a reaction to severe dental disease without a complete consideration of overall health. At this same time, Dr. Kelly found a small percentage of his patients were very receptive to investing in dentistry with motivation for esthetic changes. Excited about the possibility to design complex cases and make smiles beautiful through esthetic restorative dentistry, he realized that a set of skills greater that those he learned and experienced in dental school were necessary.

Through Dr. Will Kelly’s career, he has consistently pursued continual learning from the best resources dentistry has to offer spending hundreds of hours a year in seminars, workshops, and study clubs both learning and teaching alike. He has learned from leaders in specialized areas of dentistry and healthcare that have become mentors and dear friends. Always open-minded and eager to learn techniques that best serve patient’s optimum outcomes, Dr. Kelly has created a unique dental practice focused on overall wellbeing. The philosophy of dentistry Dr. Kelly practices is based on the notion that all elements of our health are connected and that a comprehensive approach is necessary to best serve each individual patient. The majority of dentistry provided in the average practice in America is done with little intention, without thoughtful design usually as a reactionary measure to an emergency, pain, or at best because it is perceived as a deal- because a benefit plan might cover a treatment. Dr. Kelly’s approach considers each patient as a whole individual with a goal to provide comprehensive dental care that has a health impact on a patients. The end goal of restoring the teeth to their most natural condition almost has an inevitable influence on the causes of disease.

Very early in his career, Dr. Kelly became more experienced in complex cases. As he designed more extensive restorative cases and learned more about health, especially in the areas of TMJ disorders, malocclusion, facial pain, and airway medicine- he realized that nearly every patient that desired a cosmetic change indeed had a reasonable level of health need in the underlying causes of their dental condition. Dr. Kelly sees the connections between dental health and overall health and wellness. He sees that a severely diseased or worn bite may be connected to a deeper health cause, that “crooked teeth” might be linked to an inability to breath and sleep well, that a neck injury may be causing pain in the chewing muscles and teeth, likewise a poor bite being clinched together might be a “pain in the neck”. The list goes on with one thing is consistent among the patients that pursue the idealized care.